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UK DJ / Producer Atriea, real name Chloe, is no stranger when it comes to being behind the decks. Formally half of successful duo Toucán, she has played some of the best clubs in the UK and Europe and is now ready for the next chapter.Interview: AtrieaAfter touring for 2 years, Chloe ventured off into a new solo tech-house project and started making music under new alias – Atriea.

Following this, Chloe has had tracks snapped up by the mighty Lost Records, including her remix of Kevin Knapp and Sacha Robotti ‘s track ‘Stay With It’, which proved a success and held its place in the Beatport Tech House Chart.

Known for her lively and energetic DJ sets it’s clear to see the passion Atriea has for music, and with music now signed to Underground Audio, Material and Hippies, she is certainly one to keep your eye on.Interview: AtrieaWe was lucky to grab a quick chat with the super busy producer to find out more about her next chapter, studio time and how she likes to relax when she is not making music. Chloe was also kind enough to record the next instalment for the We Share House podcasts. (See at the bottom).

Some people may know you from your previous project as half of the duo Toucán, where you were gaining widespread support. What prompted the decision to go solo?

Toucan was a wicked experience and I’ll never forget some of the shows we played. We had so much fun together, we just wanted to go in different directions musically. I started the new alias because I wanted to start something new with the music I’m really passionate about.

Talented female artists are getting a well deserved spotlight in the industry right now. Do you feel you’ve had to work harder or prove yourself more, just to get acknowledged?

Well I’ve definitely had to work super hard to get Atriea going with this new sound and new audience. It’s really not easy to build something up from scratch! Defiantly harder than I thought it would be. I was quite optimistic but I’m an extremely motivated person, I have goals and aims, and I won’t stop until I achieve them. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in my life for music.

Do you have any advice for new artists, particularly women that are trying to break through in such a saturated market?

To be honest the only thing I can really say is it takes time. Years and years. I’m also constantly learning and I become a better producer each year. My advise would be if you really want to be successful, you’re going to have to work really hard for it and give it a lot of your time, for a long time. You also have to have such a thick skin as the music industry is brutal, so many ups and downs you really have to believe in yourself even when you feel like no one else does. 

You’ve released some amazing music and we wanted to find out a bit about how you plan your time in the studio. Can you tell us what routines or structures you follow when creating your music, if any? 

Yeah so my studio days have always been Monday, Tuesday + the weekend. I get a solid 4 days a week to make music which is great. I’m not too much of an evening producer I like to wake up and crack on first thing in the morning and do all day. I have my own space at home and I go between there and a shared industrial studio down the road from me which is a proper sound treated room, (so I can really blast it there) which is essential for getting the kick and bass right etc. First thing in the morning is when I’m at my best, I’m literally bursting with ideas.

What kind of studio setup do you have at home? Or do you prefer a ‘professional’ studio?

So at home I have an iMac, a set of Yamaha monitors which are very true sounding, Apogee One Sound card, Keyboard and Arturia Mini Lab controller, and in the studio down the road it’s got a set of Genelec 8040s, Apollo 8 UAD Interface, Komplete Kontrol Keyboard and a Minimoog! 

What can we expect to see from you over the next few months, are there any big plans you can share with us?

I’ve got an EP out 15th December on Mihalis Safras’ Material Series and I’ve got another EP coming next year and a single in March on a label that I’m very excited about! But I’m not going to say until I’ve actually signed the contract. 😉

Next year is looking good though release wise.

When all the partying is over, how do you like to relax and spend your time away from the dance floor? 

To relax I’ll put some incense on and I’ll do some mediation, works absolute wonders I used to mediate every single day. I’m really into it and that spiritual way of life and thinking. I’m a pretty chilled person 🙂 

And finally, the big question that we like to ask everyone. Who is your favourite superhero?

The Incredible Hulk because if I cry my eyes go so red + my pupils go the greenest of all greens! It looks so freaky like I’m about to turn into an Incredible Hulk!

We Share House Podcast 008 – Mixed By Atriea

You can follow and support Atriea and her music below. 

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We Share House Podcast 008 Mixed By Atriea
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