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We got talking to one of the rising stars in house music right now.

In a time where the meaning of ‘house music’ is constantly evolving, a new generation of producers and DJs are breaking through. An artist who is riding this exciting wave is Jacky.Jacky_HiRes_Digital-3Jacky’s love for music started as a young boy, when he was growing up in East Africa. It was there that his passion for drumming took hold and he realised that music was going to be more than just a creative outlet, and his sights were set on forging a career in the industry.

Jacky made a big splash with Barcelona based institution Elrow, in 2015, with the release of hit EP ‘Diskotek’, which made a serious impact on dance floors throughout clubland and went on to reach number eight in the Beatport chart. Firmly establishing him as an artist to take note of.

Beyond Elrow, Jacky has made his own mark on the underground club scene with the launch of his own event series, Jacky & Friends. Since breaking ground, J&F events have sold out several of Europe’s key venues including Sankeys MCR, Fire London, Digital Newcastle, Mint Warehouse Leeds, Eden Ibiza’s back room and Benimussa Park where they invaded the Treehouse stage during the legendary Zoo Project events for a string of dates throughout the summer 2017 season.

Fast forward to Autumn 2017 and Jacky has a whole lot in the pipeline including a string of releases on some of the underground’s hottest imprints. Namely, seminal London label DFTD, where he dropped his EP ‘Sensations’ which took him to the top five on Beatport’s tech house chart. 

Jacky also launched his own label ‘Red Lunar Records’ back in 2014, with a close friend of his, Richard Heiniger. They have featured artists such as Jey Kurmis, Di Chiara Brother’s, Atove and Sascha Sonido. Based on this great foundation, the pair have big plans for 2018.Jacky_HiRes_Digital-8We got the opportunity to speak to the renowned happy chap about his journey so far and a little bit of what goes on inside the mind of Jacky.

How did it all start for you, what made you want to become a DJ and produce music?

You usually hear of artists playing with their parent’s records from the age of like 7 years old or something, but that wasn’t the case for me. I went to my first rave when I was 18 in Newcastle and I fell in love with the (I hate using this word but) ‘scene’ straight away. I got my first pair of decks around a year afterwards and I never looked back. I was 19 when I had my first gig in Newcastle – I threw a little party for myself and my mates in a small bar, and then I suppose the rest is history.

When would you say was the turning point for you musically?

I went through quite a range of music throughout my childhood and into adulthood. When I was younger I played drums and was in several bands, often listening to and inspired by heavy metal. Then I got into more commercial dance music through secondary school. As I left college and started clubbing I was listening to everything from electro to dub step. It was only when I was old enough to get into nightclubs that I found my love for house and tech-house. Techno hasn’t ever been something I have found myself drawn to, but I wouldn’t turn a night down at Drumcode if my mates were heading to a party.

You had a huge release on Elrow in 2015 with your ‘Diskotek’ EP. Would you say that had an impact on your success over the last 2 years? 

It definitely helped. Working with the Elrow guys was really cool. They are a great bunch of guys and were very welcoming to me since they signed my ‘Diskotek’ EP. I played for them for the first time at Sonar in Barcelona back in 2016 and since then I’ve played with those guys several times after. Their parties are ridiculous.

As well as releasing on various labels you also run your own record imprint ‘Red Lunar’ which has featured some amazing artists. What can you tell us about the future releases and upcoming artists you have signed?

Next up on Red Lunar is my ‘Blast’ EP which is out on October 6th. I plan to personally release through the label every 5th release, and this one marks the 10th release of the series. We don’t like to give too much away with regards to releases but we are stepping up our game as of now, so all I can say is keep your eyes open and all will be revealed soon!

What is your ‘go to track’? That track you go to when its a tough crowd or your just want to raise the roof and get the attention from the dance floor?

‘Music Sounds Better with You’ (Sante Sansone Tribute edit).

You’re always smiling and look like you’re always having a great time but what bugs you about the Industry? 

The politics. Some people can get quite wound up by little things but I try my best to ignore it and just stay out of it all. Some DJ’s forget they are doing a DREAM job. Some people would give a right testicle to do what we do, and they still whinge about daft things. Everyone just needs to chill the fuck out and have a really nice time.

You’ve recently remixed for the electronic music duo ‘Basement Jaxx’. How did that happen? 

I don’t even know myself mate, ha! I got an email from my manager a few months back saying, “Felix from Basement Jaxx requested you remix a track on their label Atlantic Jaxx”. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first read it and I had to read it again just to make sure I wasn’t going absolutely mental. As if one of my greatest electronic music influences of all time asked me to remix for them…I still have to pinch myself! It was a pleasure working with those guys and I look forward to hopefully doing more with them in the future!

Now the important question… Favourite superhero?

Easy. Bullshit Man from South Park.

jackyYou can catch Jacky playing at a venue near you, be sure to follow him on Facebook to keep up to date.

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