Sony Music Team Up With Rights Clearance Company Dubset

Dubset is the first step in a new direction for remixing.

Dubset Media, a leading company bringing transparency, control, and royalties to rights holders through the distribution of DJ sets and song remixes, has announced that Sony Music has become the first major label to allow for the use of its masters in Dubset DJ sets and remixes available on premium music services. (Coverage via Techcrunch.com)

Under a groundbreaking new agreement that unlocks a new revenue stream for its artists, Sony Music will use Dubset’s MixBANK Rights Management Platform and Cross Clearance Network to monetize and manage the inclusion of its catalog in DJ sets and remixes that Dubset distributes on behalf of DJs, producers, and other artists to approved subscription streaming platforms.

This is a watershed moment for Dubset that demonstrates how critical the MixBANK tool and programs are proving to be with rights holders,” says Dubset Media CEO Stephen White. “Hundreds of millions of music fans are streaming DJ and remix content, and labels, publishers, and performance societies need robust solutions for managing the use of their catalogs within this massive category of under-monetized music. We are honored that Sony Music has selected Dubset to help identify and unlock the value in these uses of their catalog.”

Dubset’s MixBANKTM technology platform adeptly serves rights holders by solving the complex problem of identifying the underlying musical recordings sampled within DJ sets and remixes. Once the tracks are identified, the platform determines the label and publishing rights holders (a DJ set could have as many as 100 different rights holders), and simultaneously clears the DJ sets or remix across all rights holders within minutes.  Dubset enables record labels and music publishers to set permissions for access via a simple rules-based system which enables catalogs to be efficiently monetized and precludes the need to conduct time consuming searches and initiate claims.

There is a large global audience for DJ sets and remixes, and we think this agreement will benefit premium music subscribers by bringing more of that content into the product mix for electronic and dance fans,” said Andre Stapleton, Senior Vice President, Digital Partner Development, Sony Music Entertainment.  “We have worked closely with Dubset on a deal that not only protects our artists, but also provides us with the tools to harness new revenues for them, while amplifying the popularity of the original master recordings at the same time.”

To read the full press release from Dubset, please click here.



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