Laurent Garnier (4-Hour Set)

Laurent Garnier Plays 4-hour Set

French pioneer comes to London this October.

Sabajaq has announced Laurent Garnier will be in town to perform a monsterous 4-hour set at the Egg Club on the 7th October.

With an outdoor spaces and 24-hour licence, this warehouse-style super club is the perfect venue to showcase this extending performance. 

His first album, Shot in the Dark, was released in 1995. His second, 30, appeared in 1997 and included one of Garnier’s best selling singles, “Crispy Bacon“. 30 was followed by the retrospective Early Works.

After appearing worldwide with DJ appearances during the late 1990s, Garnier returned to production with Unreasonable Behaviour, released in early 2000, which featured one of his best known songs and a great masterpiece, The Man with the Red Face“.


Early bird tickets have sold out but £10 tickets are available here.

For more updates, go to Egg London’s Facebook page here.